The library

The library of the Pomeranian University is located in the premises of the University at 112/114 Kosciuszki Street in Starogard Gdanski. The library collects books in accordance with the profile of the offered fields of study. Students can use the library catalogue, browse the book collection, borrow books and use modern computer equipment. 

The library also provides access to electronic information sources [link to databases],
scientific databases (e-books, e-journals), bibliographic databases, abstracts,
as well as tools necessary for teaching and other scientific processes.

and opening hours:

Library of the Pomeranian University
in Starogard Gdański
112/114 Kościuszki St.
83-200 Starogard Gdański
Pomeranian Voivodeship

The library is open during conventions
during 10.00-15.00
The librarian is also on duty every Tuesday
during 10.00-17.00

Dyrektor Biblioteki PSW dr Arkadiusz Smagacz
Director of the PU Library
Dr Arkadiusz Smagacz 

Library regulations



    1. The Library of the Pomeranian University College in Starogard Gdański operates on the basis of the Act of 20 July 2018 Law on Higher Education and Science (Journal of Laws, item 1668), the Statute of the Pomeranian University College in Starogard Gdański and the Act of 27 June 1997 on Libraries (Journal of Laws of 2019, item 1479.t.j.).
    2. The PSW library acts as a scientific library, carrying out teaching and scientific research tasks. The library collects collections and creates an information workshop in accordance with the educational directions and research needs of the unit in which it operates.
    3. The primary tasks of the Pomeranian College Library are:
      1. organising the scientific and didactic workshop of the university by selecting, compiling, storing, making available and safeguarding library materials completed in accordance with the principles of collection, within the scope of the scientific disciplines relevant to the fields of study offered at the Pomeranian University;
      2. providing electronic access to global information resources;
      3. conducting information activities;
      4. carrying out documentation work and registering the scientific publications of university staff;
      5. promotion and dissemination of library collections;
      6. carrying out cultural activities for the benefit of the university community.


    1. A valid user account in the library system entitles you to use the library's resources and services.
    2. The right to use the collection is acquired when the account is activated. To do so, you must contact the library by e-mail, telephone or in person. Activation of the account implies acceptance of these terms and conditions.
    3. Each library user receives a library card.
    4. The right to use the Library's resources is:
      1. academic staff employed at the university under a contract of employment or a civil law contract;
      2. PSW students;
      3. administrative staff;
      4. students and users of other universities and libraries with which the university has a cooperation agreement;
      5. other persons with the approval of the library director.


  1. The Libraries' collections are made available:
    1. on site on a free shelf access basis;
    2. as part of an external hire service;
    3. through interlibrary loan;
    4. via a computer network, in the case of electronic collections.
  2. Outdoor rentals can be made in person on site or ordered and booked online (recommended form).
  3. All registered users with an active library account have the right to borrow.
  4. Ordering and reserving of collections is done electronically from the LIBRA NET catalogue after logging in to your user account.
  5. Booked and ordered collections must be collected within the specified time (up to 7 days from the date of email notification). After the indicated time, the order is automatically cancelled.
  6. Each student can borrow a maximum of 3 items at a time, with a total of 10 books borrowed per account.
  7. The rental period expires after 30 days.
  8. The user has the option of extending the rental period:
    1. independently - online from your library account (provided that the deadline for returning borrowed books has not passed); renewal is not possible if the book has already been reserved by another reader;
    2. on site by asking the librarian on duty.
  9. Extensions can be made a maximum of two times.
  10. All users are obliged to return and renew borrowed library materials on time.
  11. Users can check the status of their library accounts online and report any concerns immediately to the library.
  12. Loans can also be made on an interlibrary loan basis.


  1. In the library, users have access to computers where it is possible to use:
    1. Internet;
    2. electronic resources and services subscribed to by the library;
    3. installed office software.
  2. Readers can use Wi-Fi and their own computer equipment.
  3. Users are not allowed to make any changes to the configuration of the computers (applies to hardware and software).
  4. All damage (damage, dirt, other) and malfunctions must be reported immediately to the librarian on duty. Self-cleaning of faults is not permitted.
  5. The PSW reserves the right to block inappropriate websites with content unsuitable for the user.
  6. The PSW is not legally responsible for the content processed by the user within the session. The user himself is legally responsible for the processed content.
  7. In the event of a breach of the applicable rules while working at the computer, the librarian on duty may terminate the user's right to use the computer.


  1. Licensed electronic information sources subscribed to by the PSW library are available on the University's computer network and remotely via the University's server.
  2. Electronic sources can be used by users who have an active library account. Others can only access on-site.
  3. Electronic sources can be accessed:
    1. from all computers registered on the university network;
    2. to selected databases remotely, from outside the university network, after receiving the appropriate code from the librarian.
  4. Users using electronic sources are obliged to respect intellectual property rights.


  1. The library provides information services for the resources available in the PSW information and library system and, where possible, for the collections of national and international libraries.
  2. The range of information services provided by the library includes:
    1. providing library, bibliographical and factual information based on its own resources;
    2. assistance with research and selection of materials;
    3. guidance and training activities on the use of the online collection catalogue, e-book platform and database searches.
  3. The library does not compile bibliographic lists for theses.


  1. PSW students, when graduating or leaving the university, must settle their obligations to the library and have the relevant confirmation on their commitment card.
  2. PSW employees who terminate their cooperation with the university are obliged to settle all obligations to the library.



  1. The rules of public order and personal culture must be observed on the library premises.
  2. Users are obliged to observe the regulations in force in the library, in particular to respect borrowed materials and library property.
  3. Destruction and removal of collections, items and equipment owned is prohibited and may result in suspension of the user's rights.
  4. Persons using the library's resources on site before entering are required to notify the librarian on duty of books and magazines brought into the reading room.



  1. Violations of these Terms and Conditions may result in a one-time or temporary suspension of the user from the library, or in a request to the university authorities for legal consequences against the user.
  2. Any comments on the operation of the library can be submitted to the PSW Library Director.
  3. Decisions on matters concerning access to the collection and not covered by the Rules are made by the Director of the PSW Library.
  4. The Regulations enter into force on the day of their approval by the Rector of the Pomeranian College of Higher Education in Starogard Gdański.

Selected databases can be used at home, ask your librarian for access:

Access to the world's most important scientific publications
Online reading room for academic textbooks and scientific books in Polish
Database of full-text material and bibliographic descriptions
Database of scientific peer-reviewed literature
Multi-disciplinary digital library of journals, books and reference documents
Central catalogue of Polish scientific and academic libraries
The world's largest bibliographic catalogue
Modern learning platform

Largest science base in Poland

Bibliographic database of metadata of Polish scientific humanities and social science journals
Web resources from technical sciences, including architecture and urban planning, transport and management
Database on the contents of Polish technical journals
Repository of publications by Polish scientists in open access
Database on the content of European social sciences and humanities journals

Digital libraries

The Academica Lending Library provides access to the digital collections of the National Library.
It publishes objects (magazines, books, photographs, official documents, graphics) relating primarily to Gdansk and Central Pomerania.
Indexes and provides access to scholarly, peer-reviewed open access books.
The US Department of Education's online pedagogical library.
The European Virtual Library provides access to the digital resources of the libraries and scientific and cultural institutions of the European Union countries.
A service enabling searching the resources of Polish digital libraries associated in the FBC.
The library provides access to the publications of the University of the Commission of National Education in Krakow.
The digital library provides access to key objects from the National Library's collection.
It offers access to historical writings and documents concerning the Pomeranian area.


Multidisciplinary journals


Pedagogical journals

Pomeranian University
in Starogard Gdanski
112/114 Kościuszki St.
83-200 Starogard Gdański
Pomeranian voivodeship

tel. (58) 563 00 90email:

Pomeranian University
in Starogard Gdański
the first university
in Kociewie, established
more than 20 years ago.
PU offers under- and postgraduate studies
on various courses:
. Administration, Pedagogy,
Logistics, Internal security

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