Career office

Career consultation

Our experts will help you revise your qualifications, polish your resume and practise your job interview. A career coach will also help you find your feet in a new job.

Career guidance

You don't know how to look for a job? You’re not sure what you could be really good at or if an employer will appreciate your resume? If you're asking yourself these questions, choosing the consultations with a vocational counsellor will be a good idea.

Make an appointment for a one-on-one meeting with a counsellor, and together you will explore your strengths and weaknesses. You will talk about the practical aspects of your job search and consider what steps will bring you closest to finding a rewarding job.

All students of Pomeranian University are welcome to take part in the consultations. The Pomeranian University graduates who are taking their first steps on the job market can also benefit from the offered support. The consultations are perfect for people who are starting to look for a job or those planning to change their career path.

Our career advisors

Magdalena Nogga

Magdalena Nogga, MA

Graduate of the University of Gdansk, HR specialist. She completed qualifying postgraduate studies in professional counselling and basics of entrepreneurship, qualifying studies in pedagogical preparation and postgraduate studies in organisation and management of education. Long-term employee of the Pomeranian University, since 2022 Head of the Dean's Office of the PU.
Duty hours:
Stationary | Twice a month (Fridays before each stationary meeting, 4pm – 5pm)
dr Bożena Wojtasik

dr hab. Bożena Wojtasik, Prof. PSW

Doctor of Humanities in general pedagogy. Lecturer at PU. Member of the Association of School and Vocational Counsellors of the Republic of Poland. Her interests and publications include issues related to lifelong educational, vocational guidance and social support as well as educational and vocational problems of youth and adults.
Duty hours:
Online | upon prior appointment

Training and workshops

Over the course of the academic year, we will be organising many activities: from short workshops to longer training programmes. Our team of experts specialises in a variety of fields. In addition to our work at the university, we have experience gained from projects carried out for businesses, NGOs, schools or informal groups. We are more than happy to share our knowledge and skills.



The PU Career Office supports students in carrying out professional internships alongside their internship supervisor.

Internship Supervisor: Dr Marek Ejsmont 

He is available for students twice a month, i.e. every Friday before stationary meetings from 4pm to 5pm, room 6.

Keeping track of the graduates’ careers

Information about our graduates and their feedback is an invaluable resource for us. We not only continue but also expand and update our own alumni career research.

grupa absolwentów

Current job/internship opportunities

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