One of the key elements of the programme on a degree programme with a practical profile, are compulsory work placements. The rules concerning internships are regulated by the Act on Higher Education and the document: Procedure for the organisation and implementation of professional practice introduced by the Rector's Order No. 33/2023 of 01 October 2023 at the Pomorska Szkoła Wyższa in Starogard Gdański. In accordance with the study programme and the Act on Higher Education, students are required to complete six months of internship (indicated in the study programme as 960 clock hours, to which ECTS points have been assigned accordingly to the course of study). 

Internships enable direct contact with potential employers, help develop social competences and respond to the need for continuous training and professional development. The required six-month-long internship is completed by submitting credits for the internship from the semesters in which the internship took place, in accordance with the study program for each course. The result of the internship is the acquisition by the student-apprentice of new skills or the deepening of already possessed skills, knowledge and behaviours that are desirable, necessary or indispensable in the profession. There are the objectives of internships carried out as part of the studies:

  1. To deepen and broaden the skills acquired by the student during their studies and to acquire new skills through real professional tasks;
  2. To extend the knowledge gained during studies;
  3. To acquire skills and behaviours expected in work environments (working in a team, a good attitude towards work and coworkers); 
  4. To get to know the organisation and the functioning of the host institution and its units, related to the implementation of tasks directly related to chosen field of study;
  5. To familiarise with the technical and technological aspects of the institution;
  6. To learn about the professional environment, work ethics, holistic and individualised approach to people.

The intern is obliged to keep the documentation from the internship process in paper or electronic form. They then submit said set of documents to the Internship Supervisor. The internship documents in accordance with the Apprenticeship Regulations at PU are:

  1. Student placement referral;
  2. Student’s internship contract with the workplace;
  3. Internship Book;
  4.  Detailed programme and timetable for the in-company internship;
  5. Student’s report on the internship;
  6. Internship evaluation questionnaire;
  7. Final assessment for the internship;
  8. Internship completion certificate;

The complete documentation should be handed over to the internship supervisor and supplemented with the grade in the given semester for the completion of the internship in the protocol and in the examination card. The condition for passing the internship is achieving and providing documentation of all expected learning outcomes in the chosen field of study during the internship.

The intern, in order to complete the internship, should:

  1. Appear at the internship site at appointed time and participate in the mandatory training (including health and safety training);
  2. Have the required insurance;
  3. Comply with health and safety rules and regulations in the workplace;
  4. In situations where the nature of the internship requires it, they are required to wear protective clothing and footwear (and/or other items to protect against injury) and a badge’
  5. Discuss all of the details of individual stages of the internship with the company's internship supervisor;
  6. Be present at work during the internship. The intern is obliged to report to the company’s internship supervisor without delay any unexcused absence from the internship (sick leave). The intern is obliged to make up for any absences within a period agreed with the company's internship supervisor;
  7. Take an active part in the internship, conscientiously perform the tasks assigned by the company’s internship supervisor and stick to the regulations and rules in force in the workplace.

In accordance with the Academic Regulations, students who document professional work, self-employment, voluntary work or participation in internships, including those abroad, taking place after completing secondary or post-secondary education, may apply for credit for student work placement in whole or in part without the obligation to do so, if the nature of the said professional activity, voluntary work or internship fulfils the requirements of the work placement programme and the period of such activity was not shorter than the period of student work placement specified in the study plan. The credit for the work placement is granted upon a written application of the student addressed to the Dean of WSE and positively approved by the Work Placement Supervisor.

Internships are supposed to realise learning outcomes that are validated by university authorities and employers. In the course of their training, undergraduate students will acquire the necessary skills and competences that enable them to perform professional work based on practical preparation.

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