Academic Centre for Psychological and Pedagogical Support


The establishment of the Academic Centre for Psychological and Pedagogical Support is a response to the growing social need to take care of the psychological well-being of students who will be able to take care of their mental health and the development of their interpersonal resources as well as acquiring new qualifications. Assistance is also dedicated to the University's employees who, by strengthening their emotional and psychological potential, will be able to carry out their various tasks and fulfil their roles even better.

The creation of a safe (currently online), friendly and professional support space will enable students and staff to get access to support when they are in emotional crisis, need to know themselves better or are coping with everyday challenges.

The Academic Centre for Psychological and Pedagogical Support creates opportunities to build a culture of trust, mutual dialogue, respect and accessibility within the University community.

Dr Monika Kurzynoga

Centre manager
Doctor of social sciences in the discipline of pedagogy, school and family pedagogue, pedagogical therapist, social skills trainer in PEACE ART, mediator in juvenile and criminal cases. Assistant Professor at the Institute of Pedagogy at the Pomeranian University in Starogard Gdanski.

Academic Centre for Psychological and Pedagogical Support

a psychologist

a pedagogue

during a 5-year holistic psychotherapy course

a pedagogue

career and vocational counsellor

a mediator

trainers of interpersonal skills

Specialists provide free, short-term pedagogical and psychological support (including career counselling) to students as well as employees in the form of counselling (for now mainly online).

Specialists organise workshops in order to develop emotional and social competences. They initiate activities on:

  • promotion of mental health,
  • lifelong learning process,
  • building a safe environment for studying and self-development,
  • strengthening the resources of the academic staff.

Fill in the form to arrange an appointment:


Pomeranian University
112/114 Kościuszki St.
83-200 Starogard Gdański

Within 5-7 days you will be contacted by the Centre's Specialist Coordinator and a date will be set for an initial meeting to discuss your problems and needs. The coordinator will help you plan the next steps. This could be a further supportive conversation, a referral to one of our specialists or directing someplace else if the issue you are struggling with is outside the remit of our Academic Centre.

We are bound by the principles of integrity and confidentiality at every stage of our contact and assistance.

The specialist providing assistance is obliged to maintain professional secrecy in accordance with the Act on the Protection of Personal Data and based on the principles of professional ethics, and if he shares the necessary information about the person with other professionals, in order to ensure the best quality of the support provided, he should make sure that this information is communicated in strict confidence. Your data will therefore be at the exclusive disposal of those who provide you with assistance and support.

We look forward to seeing you. 

If you need support, please contact us.

Pomeranian University
in Starogard Gdanski
112/114 Kościuszki St.
83-200 Starogard Gdański
Pomeranian voivodeship

tel. (58) 563 00 90email:

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