Master's degree

State security
and civil protection

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Duration of study:
2 years (4 semesters)

Number of specialities
to choose from:

Mode of study:

only 5 minutes!

What you will learn at university:

  • How to identify, assess and counter contemporary security threats.
  • How security systems, civil protection and critical infrastructure protection systems, as well as private security actors and agencies in Poland function and perform their tasks.  
  • How to prepare, implement and execute strategies related to state security and civil protection.
  • How social policy should be created and how it is implemented in Poland.
  • How services, guards and inspectorates function and carry out their tasks in providing security.
  • How the protection of the population in times of peace, emergencies and armed conflict is ensured.
  • How they carry out the tasks of the Territorial Defence Forces in the state defence system and in support of civil authorities.  
  • How systems and elements of artificial intelligence function in security, and how they should be operated and used for state security and civil protection.
  • How to survive in hostile environments and emergencies.

What specialities have we prepared?

Uniformed services
and territorial defence
Social security
and civil protection
Artificial intelligence
in security
This specialisation will enable you to acquire knowledge about the organisational structures, competences and operations of services, guards and inspections responsible for ensuring state security and civil protection. You will learn about the organisational structure, the place and role of the Territorial Defence Forces in the state defence system and the tasks carried out by this formation. You will understand the principles of organisation, cooperation and coordination in crisis situations, and you will learn about leadership and negotiation in security. You will skilfully analyse events occurring in the sphere of uniformed services and territorial defence, synthesise their interpretation and propose appropriate solutions.
This specialisation prepares you for work in state security and civil protection structures. You will acquire a broad range of knowledge regarding the competences, operating conditions and functioning of institutions responsible for shaping social security and civil protection. You get an insight into the assumptions and implementation of social policy and methods of solving social conflicts. You develop the skills and competences needed to identify and analyse problems and phenomena in social development and security. You learn how to work in a team, on issues related to social security and civil protection.
Would you like to gain unique knowledge on the basics of artificial intelligence and its application in military, communications, transport, information, health and public security? Then this is the specialisation for you. With this pathway, you will explore decision-making in security using artificial intelligence. You will learn how to identify specific artificial intelligence problems in security, identify associated challenges, opportunities, risks and threats, and develop ways to solve them. We will prepare you to operate artificial intelligence systems and components already in place in security and to implement new ones created by researchers.

Why study state security
and civil protection?

The second-cycle studies in the field of security and civil protection train highly-qualified specialists, prepared to take up employment in governmental and self-governmental administration bodies, uniformed services, inspections, institutions, organisations, workplaces or private companies, in positions related to ensuring the broadly understood security of the state and protection of citizens and their property.

The course prepares you for a wide range of professional roles in such bodies, institutions and services as the Ministry of the Interior and Administration, security and crisis management departments of provincial offices, county offices, municipal offices or independent positions in municipalities. 

You will develop skills and competences useful for work in the Police, the National Fire Service, municipal guards, the Customs and Fiscal Service, the Railway Protection Guard, the Border Guard, the Prison Service, the Road Transport Inspection, the Environmental Protection Inspection, the Sanitary Inspection, the Internal Security Agency or units of the Polish Armed Forces. 

After completing your training, you will be able to take up employment in the private sector, e.g. in specialist security formations, personal and property protection agencies or detective companies. Non-governmental organisations involved in e.g. medical rescue, fire protection, environmental protection or natural disaster prevention and recovery would also be a good place for you to work.


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